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In the News: September 2023

Dan Godwin and Alex Boyer, Fox 4 KDFW

September 20, 2023


Mason calls Abbott’s declaration a "cynical strategy."

"Religious leaders are not in business to support the state. We are not there to be cheerleaders for political parties or partisan positions," he said.

The Texas State Teacher’s Association is also strongly opposed, telling the Dallas Morning News that vouchers would be bad for the state’s underfunded public schools.

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Joy Ashford, The Dallas Morning News

September 8, 2023


Baylor removed itself from the religious control of this convention in 1990, said the Rev. George Mason, an influential Dallas pastor, making it “duplicitous” for the school to now cite religious control as the basis for a Title IX exemption.

“The argument that was made in 1990 is the argument that should be upheld today, and that is a recognition that Baptists do not have a history of doctrinal tenets that churches, individuals or universities must adhere to in order to be consistent with their religious values,” said Mason, lead adviser for the Baptist House of Studies at Southern Methodist University’s Perkins School of Theology.

“We are not organized as Baptists around doctrine. We historically have respected freedom of conscience and the pursuit of truth, wherever it may be found,” he said.

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